About us


Afri-SunCore specialises in exporting and importing fresh produce to and from the Asia Markets to and from Africa. Through this trading partnership we bridge the gap between Asia and Africa in growing the economy and providing produce for our people on both continents.

We also work closely with local development agencies in building sustainable agriculture & agro-processing projects around various parts of South Africa and Africa.

We link suitable foreign investors to envision our local projects in adding significant value to their produce and deliver the most healthy and beneficial product to our end users.


Our vision is to become the best channel and regulated facilitator for the Asia market in bringing our farmers in Africa the greatest price and security for their hard-laboured produce.

We also believe in creating a sustainable farming environment and creating jobs for our nation.


  • Our mission is to deliver fresh produce from our farmers to all the parts of Africa and Asia – creating a well-established link between the two continents.
  • To become the world’s leader in producing, distributing and marketing our produce.
  • Our mission will continue to deliver our farmers dream / quality produce to the world.
  • To supply customers with the world’s finest Table Grapes, Wines, Citrus, Dried Fruit, Macadamia Nuts, Rooibos Tea and so much more.


  • Reliability – We strive to shape personal relationships with our suppliers and buyers.
  • Quality – To provide the best possible results for our suppliers / Farmers, buyers and our own organisation.
  • Responsibility/ Integrity – Afri-SunCore is a transparent establishment and we only support honest trade.
  • Loyalty – Afri-SunCore will ensure that we are only supplying and providing the best quality produce.